About Us


Hey guys, welcome to Charlie’s Pop Up Boutique.... a women’s fashion e-retailer.

With a range of styles, all handpicked by myself ranging from day-wear to evening and party-wear, shoes and accessories included.



We are here to represent girls who simply love fun, on-trend fast-fashion with a ‘Designer look that doesn’t come with a designer price tag’



Charlie’s Pop Up Boutique’s moto ‘Look The Star That You Are’ aims to encourage style conscious women of all ages to shop together at Charlie’s online boutique without having to shop in ‘


We are excited to be already expanding the business and teaming up this year with award winning festivals, as well as various Salons and stores around the UK holding monthly pop up in-store versions of the website where you girls can shop, try-on and treat ypurselves to a VIP fashion experience.

Plus we are currently looking for our own permanent location/showroom which will be open to you guys to Pop In and try bits on whenever you like.

Thank you for being a part of this amazing journey with us and welcome to the family!
Lot’s of Love – DJ Charlie Hedges (Owner and Director) xxx

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